In Rotation

In Rotation is a kinetic sound piece that recalls the history and fragility of discarded, second-hand household objects by transforming them into moving components of a musical instrument. Sounds are activated by a set of keys constructed from found materials. Ceramic dishes rotate, creating ringing sounds as they brush up against one another while solenoids tap the plates from behind. The gears and mechanisms that power the sculpture are visible, openly revealing the functionality.

As each user presses one of the keys on their respective keyboards, rotating gears are activated on one side and rotating plates on the other. Tapping solenoids are triggered by hand-held spoons on a keyboard. The result is a collaborative musical composition formed from the ringing and tapping of plates.

An excerpt of In Rotation from an interview on DSN Radio

DSN Radio Interview

Created with Ann Chen


_DSC5408 inRotation4_1000x inRotation3_1000x

in rotationFinal from Claire Mitchell on Vimeo.