Swings is a site-specific interactive installation and accompanying mobile app that creates an immersive auditory experience, where multiple sounds, noise and narratives are layered via swinging patterns of the user.

The first installation was done in what used to be a mannequin factory. The swing was constructed from an old Singer sewing crate and rope. Two soundtracks, one with music from the 30′s, when the factory was first in use, and the other a track with sounds of antique sewing machines, are integrated into a responsive mobile app.

The two tracks are altered based on acceleration and swinging motions allowing the user to control the layered effect through the swinging motion.

An insulated pocket underneath the swing holds and protects the user’s mobile device.

In addition to the sewing sounds of the mannequin factory, two other site specific soundtracks were created for future installations. The sounds of the old trains and current sounds of the NYC Highline, and sounds of old ships docking over in stormy weather for the West Side Piers.

The project has the ability to be scaled up so that anyone can download the app, locate “Swing” installations through a map in the app and listen to the sounds with headphones. For this prototype, we created three nostalgic sound experiences customized for three separate locations.

Developed with Engin Ayaz & Patrick Muth